Sunday, January 1, 2012


We got a new roof in the beginning of October and this past week we got winds over 70mph which has now taken off most of my new roof

This was Friday…


This was Saturday…


More pictures…





We had a wonderful Christmas. Adam got a ton of presents and Santa brought him an ottoman with a bunch of dress up costumes. Here are pictures from our Christmas festivities.


Leevi putting the lights up



Leevi wrapping the boards for my tea rings which this year were only braids.




Adam made a ginger bread house this year





Making cookies for Santa



Putting out reindeer food


Opening his stocking






Friday, October 14, 2011


So I thought that Adam and I would make some Halloween crafts today and on the way to the store we had the following conversation:

Adam: Are we going to Target?
Me: No, we are going to the Dollar Store so we can get crafty stuff
Adam: Why are we getting crappy stuff?
Me: What?!
Adam: Why are we getting crappy stuff?
Me: Adam it is crafty stuff not crappy stuff

He makes me laugh everyday!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Adam makes me laugh on a daily basis with the things he comes up with. Tonight we went to the fire station and this was a conversation he had with one of the guys...

"How old are you?"
Adam shows him three fingers
"Oh you are fourteen!?"
"No, I am three teen."

For those of you who don't read my facebook. This is a conversation Adam and I had on Saturday night when we were laying in bed. (this is the expanded version from facebook)

Me: I am sorry I yelled at you today
Adam: Why did you yell at me
Me: Sometimes I get frustrated when you don't listen. What makes you frustrated?
Adam: I am frustrated because I am mad at the spiders
Me: Why are you mad at the spiders
Adam: I am mad at the spiders because they are yucky

It took everything I had to keep a straight face through that conversation but it made the frustration of the day go away. I just love him so much :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I took pictures for a coworkers daughter last weekend. She is such a wonderful girl and she loves watching Adam for us. So glad I got to do these for them!

Fireman Adam

Adam is really into pretending to be a firefighter. He rides his firetruck around with Leevi's old helmet and a backpack. Of course he wants to be a fireman for Halloween.

New Bedroom

So my mom and I redid Adam's room since he is now potty trained!!! He wanted a green room so that is what he got :)

Parents Visit

My parents came for a visit and we were super busy the whole time! When the flew in we headed to Colorado Springs for the weekend. We went to the zoo and fed the Giraffes, North Cheyenne Canon Park, and Garden of the Gods. On Monday we went to the Snowy Mountains with Daffney and took a hike. On Tuesday I had my scope and ultrasound done...they didn't find anything. On Wednesday the weather got yucky but we headed down to Fort Collins and went to the Discovery Museum and did some shopping. On Thursday my mom and I went to Denver and picked up stuff to redo Adams room (pics in the next post) and the adults went to dinner at the Morris House Bistro. On Friday we went to Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and then headed to Leevi's parents house for dinner. On Saturday we headed to Denver and went to the Denver Firefighters Museum, had lunch, and dropped my parents off at the airport.

*I am posting these through blogger which I hate so pics are out of order and I am not taking the time to fix it. Also, sorry the side ways pictures :)

On the way back from our hike

This was probably just before Adam fell in..good thing I had spare clothes with us because it was about 2 miles back to the car.

Gator Golf in the hotel

Helen Hunt falls at North Cheyenne Canon Park

Mom looking sexy